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TheUnborn Father

When an Unborn Child becomes a memory, The Unborn Father makes that memory become a treasure. 

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The Unborn Father specifically caters to men and the unique impact that abortion has on men and their identity, masculinity, and dignity. The emotions and thoughts surrounding the loss can be overwhelming and hard to process.

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The Unborn Father is an online healing memorial built by men, for men, who feel angry, disconnected, or in denial of the once physical and now spiritual existence of their unborn children. Knowing that the loss of an unborn child through abortion can be a difficult and painful experience for men, The Unborn Father is a simple, logical, practical, spiritual, emotional, powerful, and beautiful online healing experience for men, that can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of their couch.

The Unborn Father uses five spiritual principles of Acknowledgment, Admission, Apology, Atonement, and Acceptance to help men achieve Absolute Absolution after the Abortion. These five principles provide the guidance, structure, and the holistic approach to the forgiveness of others, and of oneself, after abortion. 

The Unborn Father has an online global community, where you can connect with others who have been impacted by an abortion, find practical advice and coping mechanisms, and read stories and testimonials from men who have found healing and support on our website.

We understand that the impact of an abortion can be different for men and women, which is why The Unborn Father caters to men's specific needs and concerns. The Unborn Father also encourages men not to blame or shame anyone over the abortion but to be kind, caring, considerate and compassionate towards all. A cool, calm, and collected character is required by every man seeking peace, joy, and forgiveness, through The Unborn Father , and absolute absolution after the abortion.

The Unborn Father understands that the process to healing can be difficult, but you don't have to go through it alone. The Unborn Father is here to offer you hope, help, healing, and understanding as you navigate this difficult time.

If you're looking for a place to begin your healing journey, use the 7-Day FREE PASS below, to enter, explore, and enjoy the full experience of The Unborn Father

No more anxiety, guilt, greif, fear, worry, blame, shame, sorrow, regret, anger, bitterness, depression, domestic violence, loneliness, social isolation, restlessness, resentment, negative thoughts, triggers, or sleepness nights over the abortion ever again!

TheUnborn Father

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