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"Healing the Hidden Wounds: The Importance of Addressing the Global Impact of Abortion"

According to the World Health Organization, there are around 73 million induced abortions around the world every year.

"Abortion is a difficult and complex issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide, with around 73 million abortions every year showcasing the scale of this problem. These statistics are alarming considering the impact abortion can have on a person's mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

"The Unborn Flame - Online Healing After-Abortion Memorial" is a revolutionary healing solution to the scale of this problem, that can process and heal tens of millions of men and women at once, who, after an abortion, suffer from or who have a sense of guilt, grief, loss, anger, resentment, regret, sorrow, sadness, or despair since the abortion.

The Unborn Flame solves this problem by offering three unique and complete online Healing After-Abortion Memorial platforms, "The Unborn Mother (for women)", "The Unborn Father (for men)", and "The Unborn Family (for family members)".

All three Online Healing After-Abortion Memorials provide a practical, powerful, and revolutionary online healing solution that is non-judgmental, compassionate, and respectful to men, women, and their families, allowing them to grieve and receive TRUE Love, Peace, Joy and Forgiveness after the abortion.

Some of Our Unique Features that NO other abortion aftercare service has or offers:

  1. A Fast, Fun, Fresh approach to Help, Hope, and Healing after abortion

  2. Five Pioneering Principles that lead to the "Absolute Absolution of the Abortion"

  3. Our Four Powerful Paths guide individuals to a deeper level of Love, Peace, Joy, and Forgiveness after abortion... crucial healing steps to Absolute Absolution

  4. A Magnificent, Meaningful, and Memorable Online Memorial Wall that reflects and respects the individual's amazing healing journey.

  5. An Online Global Community of support, resources, and Masterclass training

  6. Available and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere around the world

  7. Go at your own pace from the comfort and convenience of your couch

  8. World-class online security and privacy for complete peace of mind

  9. Our 7-DAY FREE PASS allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to FULLY explore and experience The World's First Online Healing After Abortion Memorial... FIRST!

  10. Complete our Masterclasses to start your own "Unborn Flame - F2F counselling, coaching, care service", or add The Unborn Flame to your existing support services and network. By using The Unborn Flame, you can help others who are going through similar experiences, and make an enormous positive change in their lives.

"The Unborn Mother", "The Unborn Father", and "The Unborn Family" offer a unique and complete solution to the global problem of abortion, allowing individuals to remember and honor their unborn children in a meaningful way by providing a space for individuals to grieve, process, and receive healing on a spiritual, emotional, and mental level.

The Unborn Flame was creatively and cleverly designed to challenge and change the way we think about, approach, and address abortion, and the profound impact abortion has on individuals, families, and communities.

With our Online Healing After-Abortion Memorial platforms, The Unborn Flame is well-positioned to help individuals across the globe find comfort, clarity, confirmation, and closure after the abortion - with 24hour online healing that is available and easily accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

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