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"The Unborn Father:" Abortion Healing built by Men... for Men!

Abortion can be a difficult and emotional experience for everyone involved, and this is especially true for fathers. Thoughts and feelings of guilt, grief, anger, resentment, fear, and denial about the abortion can be overwhelming and can last for years, if not a lifetime.

But now there is hope, help, and healing available. "The Unborn Father Online Healing (After-abortion) Memorial" is a world-first in creating an incredible and powerful Online Healing Memorial platform, designed to help men process their emotions and heal in a healthy and natural way after an abortion.

The Unborn Father is a complete and unique journey that allows men to explore and express their experience surrounding the abortion. This logical, practical, spiritual, emotional journey leads men to the creation and completion of their very own personal and private Online Healing Memorial that validates, commemorates, and celebrates both the Unborn Father and his Unborn Child.

The Unborn Father - Online Healing Memorial is a fast and friendly way for men to find a new sense of love, peace, joy, and forgiveness after the abortion with hope, help, and healing now available online 24/7, to anyone, anywhere on any internet connected device - from the comfort and convenience of their couch.

The Four Healing Paths of The Unborn Father that lead men to a renewed sense of love, peace, joy, and forgiveness after the Abortion:

  1. Acknowledgement: The first path focuses on the acknowledgement of His Unborn Child by giving them a name and identity. This process rehumanizes the child and shows them the respect they deserve and ignites The Unborn Flame of Love.

  2. Admission and Apology: The second path is about His Unborn Story and the admission and an apology that releases the truth, tears, and the tragedy, and ignites The Unborn Flame of Peace.

  3. Atonement: The third path - His Unborn Décor, includes uploading of YouTube songs, photos, and Pixabay videos that turns His Online Memorial Wall into a visual stunning masterpiece that honours his unborn child and ignites The Unborn Flame of Joy.

  4. Acceptance: The final path is His Unborn Heart - the spiritual acceptance and the receiving of forgiveness, which leads to the absolute absolution of his abortion with love, peace, joy, and ignites The Unborn Flame of Forgiveness.

The Unborn Father is an absolute must for every man seeking hope, help, healing, and happiness after the abortion.

Use the 7-Day FREE PASS to enter, explore, examine the healing-after-abortion journey of The Unborn Father that leads to the Online Memorial Wall. This is a great opportunity for men to start their journey towards healing and wholeness and see for themselves the healing power and effectiveness of The Unborn Father - Online Healing Memorial.

Start Your Journey To Healing Today!

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