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The Green Flame Ceremony 

Run Sheet


Abbreviated Roles in the Green Flame Ceremony


  • MC: Master of Ceremonies

  • Fr:  Father of the Unborn Child


Pre Service


  • Music sets the mood. Play your favourite songs as background music, with a playlist that represents you and/or your child.

  • Greet your guests and usher them in to have a seat. You can ask a friend to take this role if you would prefer to stay focused prior to the ceremony.

  • Make sure video camera is rolling 

  • Ask someone to take a few photos for you

  • When ready, stop the music

Ceremonial Service Opening



“Hello and welcome to a unique and very special Ceremonial Service, where today we celebrate and commemorate an unborn child who is now in Heaven.


Every child deserves a ceremonial service, just like every person who passes from this world to the next. 

Today, standing before me is [father’s name], the father of (child’s name), his unborn son/daughter.


This Ceremonial Service is a special memorial service for [child’s name] that allows [father’s name], family and friends the opportunity to have their say, to share their story that brings clarity, confirmation, forgiveness, and healing. 

[Father’s name] has traveled a remarkable journey of courage, vulnerability, and humility faced his past abortion experience and unearthed and unlocked a wide range of healing GIFTS for his unborn child and himself. 


To reveal and explain these GIFTS, we will now begin The Flame ceremony." 



The Flames of Abortion Kryptonite 

Lighting The Flames 


MC: The following five flames that are about to be lit, represent the paths that [father’s name] travelled to find and receive absolution of abortion of his unborn child [child’s name]. 


The Red Flame 

[Father lights and hold the Red Candle and says] 

Fr: “This Candle represents  The Red Flame of FEAR”.


MC:  On this path, [father’s name] was asked two very tough questions - what is his child’s name and gender. Through the Path of Fear, [Father’s name] successfully unearthed the child’s gender, and unlocked and spoke out his child’s name


Fr: “My son/daughters name is.... [Child’s full name ]”.


      Upon completing this path, I transformed the Red Flame of Fear into the Red Flame of Acknowledgement. 

     “Behold, The Red Flame of Love”.



The Violet Flame 


[Father lights and holds the Violet Candle and says] 


Fr: “This Candle represents  The Violet Flame of GUILT”.


MC: On this path, [father’s name] acknowledged his role in the abortion, accepted and admitted his guilt, repented, and asked for forgiveness from his unborn child by writing an honest and sincere apology letter of Admission, known as His Story


Fr: I [father’s name], have within my hand “My Story” - the Letter of Admission. [hold up the print out version of Your Story]


      Upon completing this path, I transformed the Violet Flame of Guilt into The Violet Flame of Authority. 


      “Behold, The Violet Flame of Authority”



The White Flame


[Father lights and holds the White Candle and say] 


Fr: “This Candle represents  The White Flame of Unforgiveness”.


MC: On this path, [father’s name] entered into a state of humility, openness, and acceptance so that he could perceive, believe and receive from within his spirit, [child’s name] Gift of Forgiveness [hold up the print out version of your Child’s Gift of Forgiveness] 


Fr: “I have within my hand, my Child’s Gift of Forgiveness”


“Upon completing this path, I transformed the White Flame of unForgiveness into the White Flame of the Anointing”. 


“Behold, The White Flame of the Anointing”


The Blue Flame 


[Father lights and holds  the Blue Candle and say] 


Fr: “This Candle represents  The Blue Flame of Grief”.


MC: To create an everlasting memory of his unborn child, [father’s name] created an online Memorial site that allows [father’s name] the ability to honour [child’s name] in time and space. 


Capturing special moments like today’s ceremony on video or camera can later be edited and added to [child’s name] online memorial site.


Fr:  Upon completing this path, I transformed the Blue Flame of Grief into the Blue Flame of the Appointing. 


      “Behold The Blue Flame Of The Appointing”.


The Green Flame 


[Father lights and holds the Green Candle and says]

Fr: “This Candle represents The Green Flame of Abortion Kryptonite”.


MC: The extent and reach an abortion has on people extends beyond the mother and father of the unborn child. The Kryptonite of Abortion affects Grandparents, Godparents, Aunties, Uncles, Niece, Nephews, close Family and Friends.


Today, we are gathered together to allow not only [Father ‘s name] to share his thoughts, feelings and his journey through The Flame but those who were also impacted by the loss.


Fr: “This Candle is The Green Flame of Abortion Kryptonite”.


  [Insert Father’s Speech here]

Fr: “I [father’s name], apologise to my family and friends, colleagues and the community who were impacted by the loss of [child’s name]. I have found relief from my grief, healing, and forgiveness for my actions.


Speakers and Speeches

MC: I now invite family and friends to come and share a few words


Traditions, Rituals & Offerings

MC: [to announce any traditions, blessings, offerings, prayers, songs, etc]

*Present Online Memorial Site (optional) unless done earlier




The Green Flame Ceremony

The End and The Extinguishing The Flames 



Say the following to each flame and then extinguish that flame before moving to the next flame.

Fr: Through this journey, I now have The 4 Flames of Fatherhood.


  • The Red Flame of Acknowledgement [extinguish]

  • The Violet Flame of Authority [extinguish] 

  • The White Flame of My Anointing [extinguish]

  • The Blue Flame of My Appointing [extinguish


Fr: And to my family and friends, may this Green FLAME serve to remind us not only of my [son/daughter] [child’s name], but also serve as a reminder of the love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy given to each other today.


The Green Flame of Absolute Absolution [extinguish]


Fr: With all Flames now out, I hereby declare the complete transformation of my Abortion Kryptonite, and the Absolute Absolution of my Abortion. 


Thank you


  • To my Partner (if applicable), thank you for being there with me through this amazing emotional and spiritual journey…… 

  • To the Celebrant/Priest/Pastor [if applicable], thank you for making this memorial nothing short of perfect…..

  • To my Family, friends, and guests [if applicable] Thank you for sharing this memorial service with me. Your love and support have made this memorial even more memorable….

  • To the Church and Community Members [if applicable], thank you from the joy of my heart to allow me to have this memorial service at your sacred and blessed place...

  • Others to thank [if applicable]….


Fr: On behalf of my son/daughter and I, this now concludes our Ceremonial service. Please make your way to the light refreshments area, and if you have to leave now, please come and say goodbye to me first.


[Finally, a wonderful addition to the closing of the memorial program is with a memory takeaway. It can be something as simple as delicious lolly bags or a baked treat, a packet of seeds with your child’s name on it or memorial card]. 


Fr: God bless and Thank You.





To mark the end of the Memorial, play background music, make your way out to where the light refreshments are being served and begin thanking your guests starting with those who have to leave. 


Note: Don’t forget to take your candles with you, as well as all other items that belong to you,




Gift - The Green Flame of Absolute Absolution


Congratulations, you have successfully completed the secret path of The Green Flame of Abortion Kryptonite, and by doing so, have unearthed and unlocked the secret treasure chest of GIFTS for you, your child, your family, and friends who were impacted by the abortion and attended the Ceremony. 


The Green Flame of Absolute Absolution is a Spiritual Healing Gift of Hope, Love and Forgiveness. Bringing closure to any negative thoughts, forces, habits, behaviours, ideas, and beliefs in others that have divided, damaged or destroyed relationships because of the abortion.


The Green Flame of Absolute Absolution symbolises a renewal of life, love, and relationships with energy, meaning, growth, harmony, and freshness.


Congratulations again for successfully completing the path to the Absolute Absolution of your Abortion.


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