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The Unborn Father

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and His

Abortion is an undoubtedly complex and emotionally charged experience that can deeply affect both men and women. It is crucial to recognize and empathize with the unique perspectives and emotions that men may undergo when faced with such circumstances.

"The Unborn Father" is a metaphorical term used to depict a man who has been profoundly impacted by the abortion of his Unborn Child. While many men support a woman's right to choose, it is not uncommon for them to grapple with moral conflicts surrounding the decision to terminate a pregnancy. These men may find themselves haunted by thoughts of the unborn child they might have fathered, and these thoughts can persist for years.


Consequently, they can experience a range of challenging emotions such as fear, guilt, grief, anger, regret, resentment, and rejection. Additionally, they may encounter unexpected and unexplainable reactions triggered by specific signs, subjects, or situations, which we refer to as "Abortion Kryptonite".

Abortion Kryptonite logo.png

“Abortion Kryptonite (AK) is a metaphor and term used to describe a man's psychological and spiritual state in relation to the thoughts, triggers, traumas, and tragedy associated with the grief, loss, anger, regret, guilt, or despair over the abortion of his Unborn Child. 


As most of us know, “kryptonite” is more commonly known as the green mineral ore that is deadly and dangerous to Superman and all other Kryptonians. Like kryptonite, abortion can also have the same deadly and destructive impact on men too. The only difference between Superman's kryptonite …and Abortion Kryptonite is that Abortion Kryptonite is in men, and not on men!

The emotional impact of abortion can vary greatly among individuals, and not all men who have experienced or been involved in abortions will necessarily feel the effects of Abortion Kryptonite. Different people may have different emotional reactions and coping mechanisms when faced with such situations.


The signs, symptoms, and situations associated with an Unborn Father's abortion can occur immediately after the procedure, or may not surface until months or even years later. These emotions may be triggered by changes in a man's thoughts, beliefs, situations, or circumstances.

However, left undiagnosed and untreated, Abortion Kryptonite can and will often weaken, worry, wound, and wreck a man's sense of values, virtues, and vision of himself. It's important to provide support and resources for men who may be struggling with the emotional aftermath of an abortion.

The 43 Signs, Symptoms, and Situations of Abortion Kryptonite that can trigger and trouble a man after an Abortion

Some of the signs and symptoms that men may experience after an abortion include:

  1. Lack of care or respect for himself and/or others

  2. Grief over the loss of his unborn child and his fatherhood

  3. Loss of identity, dignity, and masculinity

  4. Anger, hate, rage, and violence

  5. Resentment and unforgiveness towards anyone involved in the abortion, including the pregnant partner, family, friends, and medical personnel

  6. A tendency to view life in terms of "before" and "after" the abortion

  7. Loss of faith in God

  8. Deterioration of personal appearance and hygiene

  9. Decrease in self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem

  10. Difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings about the abortion

  11. Void feelings and a diminishing ability to experience emotions

  12. An outward display of a "macho man" attitude while hiding true feelings

  13. A sense of hopelessness and despair

  14. Disengagement from family, friends, and partners

  15. Difficulty with emotional intimacy, trust, and commitment

  16. Unexplained weight gain or loss

  17. Irresponsible sexual behaviors

  18. Avoidance of sex

  19. Loss of motivation, ambition, and drive

  20. Difficulty making decisions and taking responsibility

  21. Avoidance of Father's Day, the aborted child's would-be birthday, and other children's birthdays

  22. Avoidance of anything that reminds them of the abortion

  23. Avoidance of books, magazines, and television programs related to pregnancy and abortion

  24. Avoidance of discussions and debates on pro-life and pro-choice issues

  25. Avoidance of pregnant women, babies, and children

  26. Denial of the abortion and claiming it was a miscarriage or for medical reasons

  27. Unwillingness to end the relationship with the partner involved in the abortion

  28. Thoughts of having a "replacement baby" to alleviate guilt

  29. Unhealthy obsession with excelling at work or education

  30. Reliance on antidepressants, drugs, or alcohol

  31. Periods of deep depression

  32. Difficulty sleeping or wanting to sleep too much

  33. Flashbacks, dreams, and nightmares related to the abortion experience

  34. Phantom child syndrome, hearing a baby cry when there is none

  35. Self-harm

  36. Belief that there is no forgiveness and only punishment for the guilt

  37. Belief that God or karma will punish them and prevent them from having more children

  38. Suicidal thoughts or attempts

  39. Difficulty bonding with children after having them

  40. Fear of meeting the aborted child in the afterlife

  41. Involvement in anti-abortion campaigns or the Men's Rights Movement

  42. Resentment or hate towards women

  43. Other

It is crucial to recognise that the signs and symptoms associated with Abortion Kryptonite are not merely random occurrences but rather deliberate attempts to capture The Unborn Father's attention. Every human being, whether born or in development, deserves the recognition of their existence, and at the very least, a funeral or memorial to honour their life.

To cease the relentless cycle of signs, symptoms, and situations revolving around abortion, there is a straightforward path to follow. One must first Acknowledge the impact and reality of the abortion experience, Admit any role or responsibility in the decision-making process, Apologise for any harm caused, make Atonement by taking appropriate actions to heal and make amends, and ultimately, Accept the Love, Grace, and Forgiveness that have already been extended.

Embracing The Unborn Father's essential healing-after-abortion journey is the key to finding clarity, comfort, confirmation, and closure regarding the abortion experience. This transformative healing journey empowers men to navigate their healing process in a happy, healthy, and heavenly manner, allowing them to move forward with renewed strength and inner peace.


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