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Your Online Memorial Journey to Healing after Abortion... starts here!

Every year, approximately 73 million unborn children are aborted around the world. When unborn children are aborted, there is no child's name, no funeral or burial service, and no grave site to mark their existence. There are no sympathy cards given to those parents who abort their unborn children. There is no comfort in their grieving, no healing in their loss, no release from their anger, no forgiveness in their guilt, and relief from their regret.


While there are many resources available to help parents cope with the emotional and spiritual aftermath of abortion, there are few places where they can truly mourn and heal.

Until now.

Welcome to the...


The Unborn Flame is a personal and powerful online healing platform for parents who have experienced abortion. It offers a unique and powerful way to remember, commemorate, and celebrate their unborn children. Through our four unique online healing paths, parents can explore their feelings, express their grief, and find hope for the future.

We believe that both parents and family members share an eternal relationship with unborn children, and that every unborn child deserves the right to be recognised, re-humanised, and memorialised, just like any other human relationship.

Your FREE journey starts by selecting one of three paths below - The Unborn Father, The Unborn Mother, or The Unborn Family. The Unborn Flame is a truly unique healing experience that will free you from post-abortion grief, guilt, regret, fear, anger, despair, and depression... forever!

Explore, examine, engage, enjoy, and experience The Unborn Flame today!


The Unborn Flame is designed for desktop, laptop, and tablet only - and is not mobile-friendly.

The Online Healing Memorial for Families who had one of their own members abort an Unborn Child

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